Friday, November 26, 2010

Paradoxal & Perplex Comparison Swatches

 Revlon has released a new nail lacquer called Perplex being advertised as the new "IT" shade.  I had seen a few swatches of it online, and it looked like an exact dupe of Paradoxal.  So I decided to try it IRL to see if I could see a difference.  I am not going to say ahead of time which is which on the nails until you see the pics first.

I personally cannot tell a difference.  Can you?  Looks like we have a much more affordable winner here from Revlon as far as the color and hidden shimmer matching Chanel.  The consistency is pretty much the same as well.  Perplex was almost a one coater though.  But all swatches are 2 coats for comparison.  Thumb, middle and pinkie fingers are Paradoxal.  Index and ring fingers are Perplex. 

Left is Perplex, Right is Paradoxal.

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