Saturday, April 2, 2011

Zoya Marley & Caitlin Swatches

Hi everyone!  These are my first and only Zoya nail polishes.  They probably will not be the last depending on if all Zoya's are like these.  The consistency was rather streaky and thick, maybe I got a bad batch?  The brush is terrible though, I really hate a thin and flimsy brush.  Takes too many strokes to cover the nail.  These two could have been "one coaters" if the brush was wider and thicker.

Here's Marley:

Here's Marley with SH Hidden Treasure on top:


Caitlin with SH Hidden Treasure:

These are such gorgeous colors, I just wish the brush was better.  Do you have any favorite Zoya polishes?
Have a great weekend all!!!  Thanks for looking.


  1. I like Zara. Its a pretty lavender, but not a simple one, it is almost a lavender/gold duochrome. All of the Zoyas I have are shimmers so I have never tried their cremes, but it seems like when my nails feel especially beat up and crappy, if I do the whole Zoya system it makes them look and feel better. Its my go-to mani if I'm going to have a week when I won't have time to change my polish as often as I usually do.

  2. My favorites are Ki, a gorgeous purple duochrome. Yasmeen is another gorgeous purple, although darker than Ki! Love it. Another pretty Zoya is Irene. This color is a swampy green. I also like some of the mattes Harlow is one that comes to mind. I also like Pippa, Ali and Madori. Pippa is a bright yellow. Ali is an retna-searing pink and Madori is another green with slight golden shimmer. Another pretty one is Tallulah. It is a goregous blue. Whew...I think I will stop now! LOL

  3. Wow!!! Caitlin and HT!!!