Sunday, May 29, 2011

10 Polishes from a closet

Well, now I know why these polishes were in a box in the back of my closet.  Ok, so a couple are alright.  Most are not.  So here they are:

AVON Copper

AVON Mocha

AVON Pink Glaze

My lovely daughter wearing AVON Red Wine

AVON Rose Velvet

AVON Strawberry

ESSIE Innocent

OPI Friar Friar Pants On Fire!

Rimmel Rapid Ruby

saQU Hidden Fires

Please keep in mind that there was no clean-up, these are just swatches.  So what do you think?  A treasure found, or eh?


  1. I like Mocha, and the Essie. The others.....I'd probably use the bottles for frankening.

  2. Mocha, Pink Glaze, Srawberry, Innocent, and Rapid Ruby look great to me. 50% is good!

  3. No offense to your closet, but I'm going with "eh", mostly (I'm pretty sure I have dupes to most of these in the "meh" section of my own stash). I think Rose Velvet is the best of the bunch.