Saturday, January 22, 2011

NOTW: SHXW Grey Area

Hiya!  Hope everyone is doing great.  This week I am trying a different base coat, also not using Gelous over the BC.  Trying to figure out why I am getting severe chips on about day 3 of my mani's lately.  So we'll see how this works out with Orly Bonder.

Which base coat works best for you?


  1. Kim,
    Reading your post I realized that I don´t pay enogh attention to base coats. Here in Brazil we use a greenish one that promise to protect and streghten the nails. I like it because polish (except matte) lasts 7 days. I love this color you choose here and hope you´re lucky with this new base coat.Your nails are great, too!

  2. Funny, I have a SHXW gray on my nails right now too (Gunmetal).
    FWIW I haven't had issues with Bonder, but I HAVE had issues with Seche Vite causing my polish to come off in big flakes. For me, it seems like any topcoat that advertises as a fast dry makes this happen to me. (And if you or anyone else can tell me what I'm doing wrong, I sure would appreciate it!)

    I alternate basecoats; if my nails aren't in great shape I like to use something more substantial than Bonder like Instant Artificials or Nail Envy. Zoya Anchor works great too as far as I can tell, though I've only used it with my Zoya polishes.

  3. I alternate base coats (because I have so many and don't want to throw them out), but my favorite one for preventing staining and creating a smooth protective barrier is Sally Hansen hard as nails hard as wraps gel with acrylic. I love it, but it gets thick about 2/3 of the way through the bottle, which is annoying!
    The color above looks great on you!

  4. Thank you for the comments! So far the Bonder is working pretty good. Shieldmaiden, are you applying the SV while the color is still wet? I found that if I let the color dry before I apply SV it will peel.